Your Beautiful Mind Masterclass

A 45-minute class on how to navigate the landscape of your beautiful mind and make the shift from personal limitation to clear, creative and intuitive expansion. 

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Divine Yoga is a return to your true nature.

Yoga is an integrated path to wellness, wholeness and ultimately, the divine. Recognising the divine nature in all life is like waking up to a true reality, a purposeful and connected way of living.

Join me here for inspiration and practices to live a more balanced and awakened lifestyle. A few surprises might go in there as well.

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These popular classes are a great place to start and create your complete lifestyle program.

Discover Meditation

Meditation is an important sadhana (spiritual practice) to focus and purify the mind. It is an important foundation for total wellbeing. A centred mind is a powerful one. This six-module online course will help you master your mind through meditation and make it a powerful part of your daily routine. 

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The Path of Intuition

Master your intuition and make it a part of your life's path with this four-week online course. Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity. These classes will help you relax into your natural inner guidance and intuitive communication.

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Seven-Days to Clarity

Join me in this seven-day series of guided meditations to find your inner calm, clarity and blissful surrender.  As you calm the waves of your mind with these meditation techniques, you can begin to explore your inner sacred space, experience the ocean of stillness within, and tap into a sense of your true nature.  

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Your Beautiful Mind Masterclass

A 45-minute masterclass on how to navigate the landscape of your beautiful mind and make the shift from personal limitation to intuitive expansion.

What mind is and its relationship to you and your consciousness.

The power of your clear intuitive mind.

The heart and mind connection.

The difference between instinct and intuition.

How an open heart will serve a clear and proactive mind.

What it means to be present and centred.

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Yoga methods

Three paths to practice:

Meditation as a tool for stillness, clarity and expanded states of self-awareness.
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Yoga to strengthen the connection between body, mind and breath.
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Divine intuition for inner guidance, inspiration, presence and mindfulness.
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A more balanced life 

Real success in life is the realisation of your true nature. Yoga means to unite and is a multi-dimensional integrated path filled with divine knowledge that the ancient Sages, Mystics and Seers have passed down. We are blessed to receive this eternal knowledge through the Vedic scriptures and learn that perfect health, liberation, eternal bliss and unconditional happiness, that which we are all seeking, is not found in the material world but rather in our surrender to the Divine. That is the union of the soul with the Super Soul. The ultimate goal of Yoga.