Watch Your Beautiful Mind Masterclass

A 45-minute FREE masterclass on how to appreciate and navigate the landscape of your beautiful mind and shift from personal limitation to intuitive, creative expansion.

We Will Cover:


What mind is and its relationship to you and your consciousness.

The power of your intuitive mind.

The heart and mind connection.

The difference between instinct and intuition.

Why an open heart is essential for a clear and proactive mind.

What it means to be present and centred.

How to let go of the personal lower mind.

Practices to help you develop witness consciousness and inner calm.

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Meet the mind behind Divine Yoga 

Jenni Madison

Host and wellness maven

Inner exploration and insightful Yoga is Jenni's passion. Her light-hearted approach to health and wellbeing gives this deep subject a playful twist. Jenni will skillfully guide you on your journey to inner transformation, calm, and total wellbeing.