Seven Days to Clarity Meditation Experience

A seven-day series of guided meditations to find your inner calm, clarity and blissful surrender.

Get your daily dose of meditation and serenity.

In this weeklong experience, I will guide you to a peaceful place within yourself. As you calm the waves of your mind with these meditation and breathing techniques, you can begin to explore your inner sacred space, experience the ocean of stillness within, and tap into a sense of your true divine nature and blissful surrender. 

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This beautiful seven-day sequence will progress each day into more space, stillness, clarity, intuitive development, and your divine mind. 

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What's Inside The Seven Days To Clarity Meditation Experience 

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Meet the mind behind Divine Yoga 

Jenni Madison

Host and wellness maven

Inner exploration and insightful Yoga is Jenni's passion. Her light-hearted approach to health and wellbeing gives this deep subject a playful twist. Jenni will skillfully guide you on your journey to inner transformation, calm, and a meaningful way toward the Divine.