Lion Heart Living

Inner Authority, Courage and Power

Learn to Embody Your Inner Authority.

Learn to embody the attributes of Nature's greatest symbol of authority, power and courage.

Lions are remarkable beings with innate majesty, rulership and deep wisdom.

Lion Heart Living online course will teach you how to recognise these qualities as a part of our own intrinsic true nature. 

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What's Inside Lion Heart Living 

Module 1 - Know Who You Are

Feeling unworthiness and confusion is not your true nature. A Lion knows his intrinsic worth. A deep inner knowing of your real self will help shed any illusion or conditions of lack.

Module 2 - Master Your Own Territory

The greatest and most powerful kingdom you have is the kingdom of your mind. This is your territory and your domain to master and decide "what shall and shall not enter".

Module 3 - Roar Like a Lion

To master your conditioned mind means to dissolve your false self-image and learn to embody inner authority, courage and power. Here we begin to glimpse our true Lion Heart nature. 

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Lion Heart Living Online Course

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Join this Lion Heart Living online course to discover more of your own true nature. 

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