Elevate Yourself

Elevate Yourself is a 28-day yoga-inspired training program to cultivate inner calm, strength and virtue.

Move, meditate and contemplate. 

Elevate Yourself is designed to cultivate a balance of movement, inner connection, intuition, meditation and contemplation.

Strength and flexibility development in the yoga asana practice is designed not just to exercise the body but to soften the self and drop into the body. The body needs to be solid and fluid so that the energy networks can be free and inflow. This combination cultivates ultimate well-being and freedom. 

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Elevate Yourself is a Step-By-Step 28-Day Yoga Inspired Program

As a yoga teacher, I must remind you that yoga is not a physical practice just for the body. It is a journey of the mind and its relationship with your body, consciousness and true nature, the inner Divine. It is a process and a path of uniting the soul with the Supersoul.
Elevate Yourself combines yoga asana, pranayama, Chintan and meditation. It combines everything wellness related to serve the body, mind, personality and soul.
This approach helps you strengthen your virtue (the inner foundation of everything) in a  spiritual and playful way. To move with confidence, improve your posture, and finally, be strong, clear and centred from the inside and out.

Only 30 Minutes Per-Day

Yes, that is it! Your daily sadhana practice is for 30-minutes a day. Each class will focus on a specific theme or virtue and include approximately:

√ 15 minutes of movement

√ 5 minutes of pranayama energy control and breathwork

√ 10 minutes of Chintan and meditation 

Each day we will move, meditate and contemplate a new and powerful virtue. A whole new way of being will cultivate during this time.

Transformation arises from an inner will, core strength and movement, contemplation on virtue and cleansing of the inner channels through breathwork and meditation. 

What's Inside Elevate Yourself

Week One: Focus and Self Discipline

To begin with, our daily practices will cover:

• Strength and Resolve • Clarity • Courage and Inspiration • Openness and Intuition • Flexibility of Body and Mind

Week Two: Fearlessly Shine Your Light

In this week's daily practices we will cover areas such as:

• Love • Open Heart • Kindness • Equanimity • Your Warrior Light 

Week Three: Power is in Letting Go

In this weeks practices we cover areas such as:

• Humility • Surrender • Awareness • Reflection • Transformation 

Week Four: Deep Bliss and Inner Peace

For our final week together we will cover:

• Deep Knowledge • Joyfulness • Gratitude • Bliss 

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A step-by-step program of daily classes to cultivate strength, virtue, and clarity—a core foundation for total well-being. 

Move, meditate and contemplate. In this program, we will practice the ancient techniques of yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation and Chintan to lead us on the path of self-realisation.

Learn to listen to surrender and to trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

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Meet the mind behind Divine Yoga 

Jenni Madison

Host and wellness maven

Helping others discover their true selves is Jenni's passion. Her light-hearted approach to health and well-being gives this deep subject a playful twist. Jenni will skillfully guide you on your journey to inner transformation, calm, and total wellbeing.





Join me in this transformational 28-day journey that elevates your mind and nurtures your soul.

Each day with Elevate Yourself, you'll receive:

  • A daily video practice for 30-minutes with a focus on a specific virtue and attribute.
  • Teacher support and guidance on the journey.
  • Insights and knowledge from the Yoga system on purifying your mind and body through pranayama, movement and meditation.
  • Inspiration on how inner transformation can change your life and how to practise daily with ease.
  • An introduction to different styles of sadhana so you can find which works best for you.
  • Some bonus Yin Yoga classes and guided meditations to help bring you into a state of physical calm and surrender, and will further assist with your path to total wellbeing.
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