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In a personal mentoring session, I will guide you toward your inner voice and the song of your soul. We will work with practical solutions and tools to support your health - physical, mental and spiritual well-being. These benefits are so many, a healthy body and mind, deep conviction of purpose, unconditional happiness, and moving through life's challenges with grace and ease, as well as finding a path and an ongoing spiritual practise that makes life meaningful, rich and fulfilling.

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Transformational Health Coaching - personalised divine mind meditation and wellbeing session

In a one on one transformational coaching session, Jenni will guide you through a process that will allow you to see your challenges with clarity and insight by piercing through the veils of layered conditioning. Get to the root cause of any confusion or disharmony by elevating your thinking and consciousness toward a higher, more divine perspective.

Creating positive change and spiritual upliftment helps to step out of habituated thinking patterns that can cause misery and unwanted repeated life patterns. Appreciate what gift we have been given with this human form and the opportunity to develop our faith, Bhakti and an intelligent path that leads toward your ultimate wellbeing.

Your divine mind can see things with trust, insight and practical knowledge.

Health and wellbeing are not just about food and exercise. It is also about purifying the defects of the mind and cleansing away destructive emotions and reactive patterns.

One-one coaching will help with:

  • Conscious health and lifestyle choices for designed for optimal wellbeing
  • A personalised meditation practice to help purify your consciousness and release destructive patterns and re-actions
  • Feel inspired and commit to a path of spiritual progress and liberation
  • Enhance your awareness of spiritual truth
  • Deepen your insight into the multi-dimensional layers of reality
  • Move forward and feel confident in knowing and trusting your inner guidance and intuition
  • Connect to a path of constant spiritual elevation that works for you!

The session time is 90 minutes. A single session can achieve powerful results for a range of challenges.

A minimum of three sessions is recommended but not a pre-requisite. Ongoing sessions and tailor-made coaching programs can be made available upon mutual discussion.

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