The Path of Intuition

Learn to know and trust your inner guidance


Master intuition and make it an integral part of your life's path. 

Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

These classes will help you relax into your natural inner guidance and intuitive communication.

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What's Inside The Path of Intuition Online Course

Session 1 - Awakening Intuition 

What is intuition? Why is it so helpful and how do we reawaken this innate ability?


Session 2 - Tune in to Intuitive Guidance

In this session, we look more closely at the other ways of obtaining intuitive information.

Session 3 - Trust Your Inner Voice

In the calm-centred space, we transcend the thinking mind and learn to open up to the subtle frequency of intuition.

Session 4 - The Language of Intuition

Intuitive information can come to us in a variety of ways at different times. Here we will be looking into several of these in more depth.

Session 5 - Recognise False Guidance

Learn how the practice of detachment and surrender invites clarity and truth and dissolves false guidance.


Session 6 - Walking the Path of Intuition

In this final session, we will explore more ways to strengthen your intuition so you continue to use it confidently in your daily life. 

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Meet the mind behind Divine Yoga 

Jenni Madison

Host, meditation and wellness maven

Inner exploration and insightful Yoga is Jenni's passion. Her light-hearted approach to health and wellbeing gives this deep subject a playful twist. Jenni will skillfully guide you on your journey to inner transformation, calm, and a meaningful way toward the Divine. 

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A practical and experiential online course for developing and awakening your intuitive nature.  

Learn to listen to and trust your inner guidance so that you can create and connect from a place of heart-centred innate divinity.

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Divine intuition is the subtle voice within that is calling for your attention. Are you ready to listen?  

  • Elevate your mind and awareness to a space of direct knowing.
  • Insights and guidance for stilling your mind through meditation.
  • Practices to synchronise your mind and heart for awakening inner calm and clarity.
  • Inspiration on how intuition can change your life and how to develop your natural innate abilities.
  • Practices that will guide you inward toward a state of deep listening.
  • Practices to help bring you into a state of physical calm and surrender will further assist with your mental focus, calm, and recognise your intuitive voice.
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