Yoga Flow for Hormone Health

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Hormonal imbalance in your body can manifest itself in many different ways and with various symptoms such as low energy, fatigue, weight gain or loss, skin problems, fertility issues and irregular periods, to name a few.

Healthy hormones are essential to carry out practically every function in the body, ranging from maintenance of energy levels, metabolism, sexual function, mood, growth and development. 

It's easy to see why keeping the endocrine system working at an optimal rate is essential to maintain optimal wellbeing!

A healthy nervous system is a great place to start for good health as many problems can arise due to stress and anxiety. Yoga is well known worldwide for its scientifically proven benefits for a healthy nervous system. Its benefits for stress reduction helps manage adrenal and cortisol levels in the body.

Yoga's focus on breathing is also beneficial for stimulating the endocrine system, helping it to function more effectively. 

However, it gets even better than this. Some specific yoga asanas are known to directly stimulate glands within the endocrine system, which can help fix hormone-related issues and bring things back into perfect balance. 

I have created a Yoga Flow for Hormone Balance sequence-specific, including the yoga asanas known to stimulate the endocrine system glands and relieve tension in the body to help you regain the balance and lifestyle you deserve.

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Please remember a regular practice is essential and fun, so enjoy!


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