Why Raw Food?

health May 28, 2019

If you want to feel alive then it makes sense to eat food that is alive.

Vitamins, minerals and proteins in foods, are all very important and we pay a lot of attention to these in modern nutrition. There is another very important part of food nutrition that we must also appreciate, to fully know the benefits of eating raw. That is, food enzymes.

Nutrition And Enzymes

Enzymes are combinations of proteins, vitamins, and minerals in an active molecular form. Chemists are able to synthesize some of these nutrients, but they have not been able to “create the life” into them. The “life factor” has never been and probably never will be re-created synthetically.

Enzymes are the worker bees of life. They are within our bodies and within our living foods. They are the biomolecules that speed up chemical reactions in living cells. They are responsible for the metabolic process of our food intake. The process of enzymes in the body is so innately sophisticated, that it is just now being effectively translated into the quantum world.

Living foods are that which have not been cooked, processed, sprayed with pesticide or herbicide, microwaved, irradiated, or genetically engineered. They represent a wholeness that is the original creation and nutritional gift of Nature. The understanding that the food we eat is an energetic whole reflects a quantum mechanics view of nutrition.

Enzymes are the living energy of the food you eat, and when you cook that food, or even slightly heat it, you are basically destroying its life force. You are killing the enzymes, alongside potentially damaging many of the remaining vital nutrients.

In his book Enzyme Nutrition Dr. Edward Howell speaks on how our body has an enzyme bank account, and how that account will deplete naturally as we age, and not so naturally by eating enzyme deficient, or cooked foods.

Enzymes are necessary for optimal health, and we can keep our enzyme accounts in good credit by supplying them with enzymes that come from uncooked food, such as raw fruits, vegetables, activated nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains.

Food And Health As Nature Intended

Animals in Nature eat a fully raw diet. Cancer and modern disease do not exist in the wild of Nature. These diseases do affect our domestic and farm animals, as their diets and lifestyle are often unnaturally modified by human intervention.

We humans are animals too, and maybe if we didn’t intervene in the Divine Nature of food, we too could be free from many of the common diseases known to plague our modern world today.

Living Foods

Living foods are also known as high vibrational foods, and as the common saying goes, you are what you eat so why not eat high vibrational foods to raise your vibration.

Eating live foods helps you to have better digestion, lose weight, think clearly, and improve brain function, by keeping your blood infused with necessary vitamins, minerals and Natures life force.

To keep it simple, eating raw foods and keeping your body free from damaged food cells, will help you to feel, breath, think, heal, live and create at your highest frequency possible.

You will have more vibrancy with a twinkle in your eye that states:

I am life – I am love.



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