Three Essentials to Tune Into Your Intuition

clear mind developing intuition higher guidance how to tune into your highr self meditatation open heart receptivity the path of intuition Jun 24, 2022

Our modern world has placed a significant emphasis on logic and reason, which is why our intuitive muscles might sometimes feel slight atrophy.

Today I will share three critical steps for tuning into your intuition and higher guidance and for strengthening those intuitive muscles once again.

Before we go there, just a brief piece of yogic science for you: we are energy beings. We transmit and receive data and energy like radio transmitters. 

We receive information through the heart and transmit it through the mind. Telepathic or intuitive communication is a transference of energy from mind to mind and requires an open heart for a strong and clear connection.

1. Calmness of heart.

The heart can either separate or unite us. An open heart unites—a closed heart separates. Clearing out the blockages from our hearts helps to allow the flow of intuition without interruption or distortion.

2. Clarity of mind.

Rise above the level of personal self and perceive raw incoming data with clarity and accuracy. Clarity comes when we put our will, energy and intention behind our questions or prayers. 

3. Cultivate receptivity.

Cultivating receptivity begins with having an open mind and an open heart. It also requires patience and an ability to listen deeply to the subtle vibrations that are flowing in. 

In summary, calmness, clarity and receptivity guarantee your accurate perception of truth and incoming knowledge or information. 

Easier said than done, right? That is why we need to practice. We need to practice self-inquiry and meditation to reach states of calm stillness required to perceive the subtler realms of high frequencies, and from here, we need to strengthen the muscle of intuition. 

The above practice requires a commitment to self-awareness and a willingness to grow and attain these higher states of consciousness. So often, humans are so busy talking and telling their stories (both out loud and in their minds) that there is very little space left for being receptive.

  • Let stillness be your gold.
  • Hold onto that centre.
  • Let nothing take your inner peace.

Everything is conscious, everything is an extension of Divine consciousness, and everything is here to teach us!

Tuning into your intuition is an inside job. It is a beautiful and deep journey within. 

It also helps to learn how to relax (and no, not with wine or external stimulants!). Any form of stress or anxiety will close off the energy centres of the heart and the third eye. The centres we need to remain open so that we can tune in. I find the yoga pranayama and asana practices very helpful for this. 

I have had quite a bit of interest in my Discover Meditation and The Path of Intuition courses. I think it is because, intuitively, we all know that learning to trust our intuition and connect deeply with all beings is our natural state. We are supposed to do and be that! It is in itself a higher calling.

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