Six Benefits of Meditation - Some Will Surprise You

beginners meditation improve and develop intuition learn meditation levels of consciousness meditation for beginners six benefits of meditation Jun 29, 2022

As I am working on The Path of Intuition online course, more and more I can see (and continue to experience in my practice) the benefits of meditation, particularly for developing clear, intuitive guidance. 

Here's why:

The teachings from the Yoga Sutra's of Patanjali show us that we are pure awareness and that pure awareness observes consciousness. The human mind is the object of awareness for three levels of consciousness: the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the superconscious mind. 

The superconscious mind is located at the point between the eyebrows. It is the home of intuition, the space where your inner awareness expands to the quantum field of unity consciousness and perceives the non-physical realities. By attuning our frequency and level of awareness, we can explore in this way.

Daily meditation helps you learn how to move between these states of consciousness and control the intuitive process intentionally. The goal is to reach a state of ongoing, natural intuitive awareness and guidance as a way of life.

So back to meditation and the six benefits: 

1. Stillness of mind as the waves of thought and the thinking mind become settled.

2. Inner calm as the heart cleanses, softens and purifies.

3. Mental focus and improved concentration as we intentionally take our awareness to the third eye centre and practice relaxed focus and heightened attunement.

4. Attunement to intuition and divine guidance by focusing our attention inward to the inner world, we enhance and activate the natural flow of clear intuition. 

5. Promotes emotional wellbeing as it reduces the harmful effects of stress and anxiety. 

6. Increased self-awareness as we sit in the seat of pure awareness and explore the multi-dimensions of self and our True Nature.

Regular meditation has many more benefits, such as enhanced creativity, less reactivity, and deeper states of empathy, connection and compassion. Overall, meditation helps us tune into our True Nature. From here, we come to know ourselves as part of the whole, not separate from the beautiful, magical wellspring of life and the deep infinite inner resources available for our total wellbeing.

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