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Your breath is your centre, and your centre is your oneness. The breath helps bring us back to the inner world, to the truth. It disentangles us from the thinking mind's impulses, reactions, and diversions.

A yogi's primary focus is the inner life. With a focus on our inner life, we make better decisions, flow with life's grace and truly live our highest potential.

Your centre is strong, loving, open, connected and powerful. Here you tap into the attributes of the divine. The more you choose to come back to your centre, the stronger you will become and the more you will begin to see the other influences that can pull us down the highways of sorrow and frustration. The Bhagavad Gita will call these states the "defects of the mind" or "attributes of Maya": anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, envy, etc. 

Never get discouraged. Find your sense of success in coming back, in noticing your mind when it pulls you around and about. The more you come back, the more receptive you become to that power, the divine presence within you.

It is natural for us to seek this oneness, this divinity within us - a unity consciousness. Whether we know it or not, we long for home - the way out of the limited mind's bondage.

Daily spiritual practise (Sadhana) is the path home to the divine. Sadhana is an ego-transcending spiritual practice. 

Find Your Centre is a Sadhana class offering a wholesome practice of breathing, moving and meditating to return to your centre and feel amazing! Here I guide you through a yoga flow practise focused on your solar plexus and third eye, bringing your centre for well-being into a powerful harmony. The pranayama techniques energise your system and relax your subtle energies. The guided meditation brings everything beautifully together. 


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