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Some people might think that "feeling more alive" means jumping off the walls, and screaming arms up in the air with enthusiasm. Yes, we want to feel joy and enthusiasm, however, true and lasting aliveness comes from a place deep within our soul, the eternal aspect of our true nature. From here the expressions of joy and enthusiasm may seem a little more in tune with a calm feeling of wellbeing and direct guidance and faith. 

There is no overstimulated ego trying to scream out and be heard, but rather an inner sense of connection and wholeness.  

If your aliveness is ego-based then it will only be temporary falling prey to life's ever-changing circumstances and experiences. You want to learn to feel alive from your core. The substratum of your being and life itself. Of course, if you still want to throw your arms up in the air, then that is absolutely fine too!

Here are a few points on what it means to feel alive:

  • You have a deep knowing and trust that your life is on track, worthwhile, on purpose, and making a unique contribution in some beautiful way. This statement truly revolves around how you treat yourself and others. It is also reflected in how you respond to each moment unfolding in front of you and by being in the present moment as life unfolds. It does not have to be about some grand achievement or accomplishment, that will also unfold naturally in due course, it is about being alive and in the eternal NOW.
  • You are centred on choosing love instead of fear. Being kind, authentic, generous and, amongst all of that, staying in your power by being clear, discernable and holding healthy boundaries.  
  • You love what you do (even if you don't like it) because you are doing it for a worthwhile reason. Work is an essential part of life, whether it be paid work, household or family work, or Seva (voluntary) work. All of us (at least who haven't renounced a life of meditation in the Himalayas) have chosen the path of action and activity. We are working in some way. Feeling alive means that you do your work with zest, creativity and energy.
  • You have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to accomplish your tasks with clarity, foresight and willpower. A little secret here is to be unattached to outcomes, this allows you to give your best to all that you do as you work toward your goals.
  • You are in charge of your mind and emotions. This incredible tool that we have, known as the mind, often gets a lot of attention but in the wrong way. The mind in default mode will generate fear, anxiety and other negative thought patterns. Psychology experts have taught us how (and why) we tend to store and suppress negative experiences. We want to start being more conscious and self-aware, not to allow those unconscious often negative patterns to rule! 

Before we move on, allow me to share this relevant note of simple wisdom. The heart is the feeling centre and the seed of the mind is located in the heart centre. Although your feelings are heart-based the nature and frequency of thoughts that are strolling through your mind will always have a major impact on your feelings and overall energetic make-up or vibrational frequency.

Feeling alive means moving your lower self energies upward. In yoga, we often refer to this as moving energy upward along the spine, toward the third eye or centre for superconsciousness. Your higher self (that which is whole and simultaneously part of the Whole) is the very essence of life, it is the centre for will and power, and the consciousness that permeates and awakens the life force from within you. It is your centre.

When this flow of energy is moving upward without any obstructions you will naturally feel alive, energetic and enthusiastic!

Great to have you here,

Jenni xx

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