Jenni Madison and Divine Yoga

Jenni has brought together Divine Yoga as a community and platform to share the ancient techniques of Yoga as a path to self-realisation and ultimate wellbeing. A great place to start on this path is with inner peace, and these powerful yoga techniques can help you find inner calm, clarity and a meaningful way toward the Divine.

Jenni is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and has trained and practised under traditional Indian teachers such as Guru Swami Mukundananda Ji and Master Teacher Devi Ji with Prem Yoga and JK Yog. In Divine Yoga, Jenni shares the techniques she has learned over the years from her yoga training, meditation practice, and her passionate immersion into the knowledge and wisdom of the Vedic scriptures. These learnings are designed to help you take control of your mind, life, and wellness and ultimately uplift your spiritual journey into the realm of the Divine.

Jenni's deep Yoga journey and practice continue through JK Yog Satsungs, teaching and other offerings.

The path of Yoga involves purification of mind and heart as a way to raise your consciousness to meet with the awareness of Divine Consciousness and Absolute Truth.

Jenni has been a wellness advocate since 2011. A passionate explorer of deep detox and fasting for self-healing, inner exploration, and rejuvenation, with deep knowledge and experience in living in attunement with one's body and Mother Earth. 

Jenni is the founder of fair-trade, organic food company Coconut Magic and published author of The Healthy Coconut: Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood (2016). She sold her coconut company in 2021 and then focused on deepening her knowledge and practice of Yoga. She has travelled extensively to explore and study nature connection and the wilderness, interspecies communication,  detox, fasting, and the practice of deep meditation.

A long-time entrepreneur, Jenni has launched several successful ventures, including Lion Heart Workshops, and now Divine Yoga online community platforms dedicated to providing diverse learning opportunities to enhance natural and spiritual wellbeing. She created this space out of the desire to guide people toward self-transformation through trusting their innate intelligence and intuition to discover what is best for them.

Jenni has a wealth of knowledge about Yoga, health, lifestyle, fasting, meditation and living in harmony with nature.

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