Jenni Madison and Divine Yoga

Jenni lives on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia with her two cats, Bodhi and Luna, and her dog Sasha. She practices simple living, off-grid amidst rural forest lands, and high thinking, with a disciplined meditation practice and lifetime dedication to the spiritual path. 

Jenni has been a wellness advocate since 2011 and a dedicated explorer of inner transformation, deep meditation nature connection, and self-healing, with knowledge and experience in living in attunement with one's body and Mother Nature. 

Divine Yoga is a platform where Jenni share's the ancient techniques of yoga and ways to practice the 'inner work' as a path to ultimate well-being. A great place to start on this path is with inner peace, and these powerful teachings can help you find inner calm, clarity and a meaningful way toward the Divine.

Jenni is the founder of fair-trade, organic food company Coconut Magic (sold in 2021) and the published author of The Healthy Coconut: Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood (2016). She has travelled extensively to explore and study nature connection and the wilderness, interspecies communication,  natural health, detox, fasting, and the practice of deep meditation.

A long-time entrepreneur, Jenni has launched several successful ventures, including Lion Heart Workshops, dedicated to providing diverse learning opportunities to enhance natural and spiritual wellbeing. 

Jenni is a certified Ananda Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Timeline Reset and Delete Reset Practitioner. Jenni is also a Certified Interspecies Intuitive Communicator, as her spiritual journey and passion for elevating consciousness have expanded her communication between humans and the natural world. 

In Divine Yoga, Jenni shares the techniques she has learned over the years from her own meditation practice and her immersion into the wisdom of the spiritual scriptures. These learnings are designed to help you come to know your true eternal nature.

Jenni's skill as a self-healing consultant, spiritual counsellor and teacher lies in her ability to hold space and open a clear channel that leads you to the core of your enquiry and personal clarity. She goes deep to illuminate and reprograms any patterns dimming your spiritual light and ability to connect to your highest path and shine.

Jenni supports your capacity to find the answers waiting to be revealed from within. She brings a calm, meditative presence and an intuitive grasp of what line of inquiry or dialogue would most support your healing and Self-discovery as she subtly points you in that direction.

Jenni's personal journey, awareness and extensive training are unique as her work will reach the depths of your subconscious and superconscious mind, allowing for significant and lasting change.

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